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Team Apex is a team of exceptional specialists that are result driven, committed to only using science proven methods, are precise and are servant leaders. To learn more about us click on our picture.

Stephanie Salva

Stephanie Salva

Aesthetics Specialist

Medical Director


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David Brown

Apex Fit Specialist

A fitness and health enthusiast David, brings over 25 years of operations and customer service operations experience to Apex. David unique experience, skill sets and love for people help keep Apex among the top in the industry in providing world class service to our clients.

Blake Johnson

Data & Operation Manager

With a Masters in Kinesiology – Human Performance and hands on experience in a bio-performance lab, Blake’s passion for getting results through proven scientific methods mirrors the DNA of Apex. Blake is the Data and Operations Manager of the Lake Nona location and oversees the data collection of every Apex client. Blake is passionate about collecting and utilizing applicable data to help clients obtain results they never thought possible. Blake’s current client list includes people of all ages, walks of life, and various performance levels including numerous professional athletes.

Colton Stone

Apex Fit Specialist

Colton has been with the Apex brand for over 7 years. Learning Apex Fit’s proprietary Bionetic methods direct from Randall, Colton has helped a mix of various professional athletes and golfers. This includes winners on the PGA Tour, collegiate All-Americans, junior All-Americans, MLB baseball pitchers as well as people of all ages and walks of life. In addition to performance Colton has a knack for sciatic nerve pain relief and has helped several clients permanently rid of pain in a short amount of time.

Doug Parra

Apex Fit Specialist

As a former professional soccer athlete who has competed around the world, Doug knows what performance at a high level looks like. Doug has worked in the golf enhancement space for almost two decades and has worked with some of the world’s most elite golfers. In addition to leading golf fitness instruction at the David Leadbetter academy in Orlando, Florida, Doug has been sought after by golfers of all skills levels. This includes golfers from around the country who want to to reach their Apex performance. Doug is passionate about applying proven science-based fitness methods to people of all ages and walks of life to help them experience life without pain, reach the pinnacle of their cosmetic appearance, and experience levels of performance they never ever imagined possible.

Maureen Kennedy

Maureen joined Apex as a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for transforming lives through personal training. With a background in exercise science and multiple certifications including being awarded group fitness instructor of the year she brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients. Known for her motivational coaching style, Maureen empowers individuals to surpass their fitness goals. Her tailored workout programs and emphasis on holistic well-being reflect her commitment to fostering lasting lifestyle changes. Whether guiding clients through strength training or injuries, Maureen’s approach combines expertise with empathy, creating a supportive fitness journey for all.

Alina Benitez DCNP

Master Injector

With over a decade of aesthetic experience Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner Alina Benitez brings brings the absolute best of medical aesthetics to Apex clients. As a certified master injector, and Harvard Medical University professor understudy, Alina provides Apex clients with the world’s most advanced methods, techniques and applications in medical artistry. Alina’s extensive background in dermatology and treatment of various skin types and issues ensures clients at Apex will receive the best treatment and care protocol for their body’s unique skin to ensure both short term and long-term skin health.

AJ Piovesan PA

Anti-Aging Specialist

As one of the most revered anti-aging minds in the word AJ has brought vitality and youth back to thousands of people over his 25 year wellness career. He has developed prescription and dosing protocols followed by the numerous medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies around the world. AJ has been a keynote speaker and podcast guest to some of the world’s top health and fitness organizations.

Dr. Jill Ward MD

Medical Director

With advanced degrees in toxicology, biochemistry, microbiology, and medicine, Doctor Jill Ward brings a unique experience and knowledge base to Apex. Dr. Ward has supervised some of the nation’s leading medical weight loss clinics and med spas. She has been instrumental in the development and implementation of service protocols use at Apex ensuring our clients have the most effective and efficient result experience at Apex.

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