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What is the fibroblast treatment?

Plasma Skin Tightening is a revolutionary, non-invasive alternative treatment to traditional surgery. The treatment helps eliminate excessive tissue that causes sagging skin, unwanted wrinkles, stretch marks and even diminish scarring.

How long do fibroblast results last?

Generally speaking, most men and women can enjoy the results of fibroblasting for up to two years before a repeat treatment may be needed. Some helpful tips to maintain and prolong your fibroblast results include: Avoid sun exposure.

With Fibroblast, you can successfully reduce extra skin while dramatically lifting and tightening almost any area on the face and body. Just imagine: There’s no cutting, stitching, bruising, traditional anesthesia, bleeding, thinned out skin, or an overly pulled or distorted look to the face with this method. Not only is this a safer choice for skin rejuvenation, but it’s also much more affordable than many alternatives.

Conditions effectively treated with Fibroblast include:

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