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Becky Hughes White Teeth

Becky Hughes

“Apex cured my chronic static back pain I struggled with for over 20 year. It was the first and only thing that ever worked.”

Complete Pain Relief

The unique Bionetic methods of Apex helped thousands of people suffering from chronic pain completely get rid of it forever. Watch the video below to learn more about how our unique methods work and hear first-hand from Apex clients that have used Apex’s methods to receive a pain free life.


Jody Khaler

Apex did what years of doctors and physical therapy couldn’t, completely fix my chronic hip and shoulder pain.

Michael Gregory

I saw every kind of specialist imaginable for chronic back and shoulder pain. There is NOTHING like Apex. They found the actual root of my chronic pain and prevented it from returning.


Keith Jung

With Apex my body has never felt better. My brain connects to muscle tissue like never before after a debilitating accident and my body no longer hurts.

Julie Watanabe

My surgeon was beyond belief on how fast my muscle and joints recovered from my work with Apex. I gained muscle function my surgeon that was impossible for me to have.

Sheliah Keiner

Sheliah Keiner

Apex cured my chronic shoulder and neck pain I struggle with for over 20 years. I can’t recommend Apex enough.


Lucie Ortega

Apex end my chronic pain and got me completely off pain medication I took for over 20 years.

Kathi Mahaffey

Apex cured my dystonia and released me from pain I suffered from having two herniated disks in my neck and lower back. Apex has been life changing.


Michael Goodrich

I saw every kind of expert, physician and form of therapy to cure my chronic shoulder pain for 10 years with no hope. Apex cured my pain and did what nothing else could.


Lisa Haslam

I struggled with chronic shoulder pain and migraines for years. Apex completely cured my shoulder pain and migraines.

Annettie Machuca

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s I thought there was no hope. Apex has changed my life. I am back driving, have normal speech again and back doing normal activities with my family.

Debbie Head

Apex not only solved my chronic neck pain but kept it from coming back and allowed me to do all of my favorite activities I thought I would never be able to do again because of pain.

Pat Hawkins

I can honestly say Apex has changed my life. I went from a sedentary lifestyle due to chronic lower back pain to a pain free life very active doing the activities I love like water skiing.

Kirk Blackmon

I thought I was destined to going to physical therapy once a week for the rest of my life. Apex cured my chronic back pain and did what no other expert was able to do.

Cam Bearden

Apex has been a God send. I suffered from debilitating low back pain for years. Apex gave me my life back and got me back to riding horses competitively.

Mary Reimchussel

Apex fixed my chronic hip pain in two visits. As a result, I lost over 30 lbs and even finished my 1st 5K race. Ape has been beyond life changing.

Vicki Vasquez

I lived so long with chronic neck pain that I just accepted it would be part of my life forever. Apex showed me I can live pain free. Can’t recommend Apex enough.

Leslie Enlow

Apex identifies the problem causing pain, creates the solution and the results are immediate.

Burl Daniel

Apex got rid of my chronic wrist and lower back pain and has allowed me to play golf more often and better. Got to give Apex a shot if you have pain of any kind.

Sierra Brooks

Apex helped me recover from a wrist injury that experts once deemed unrecoverable.

Joseph Bramlett

Apex helped identify the root cause of my chronic back pain issues and did what numerous experts and physicians couldn’t, fix my back pain.

Jody Vasquez

Apex gets rid of all the aches and pains we think we are supposed to live with everyday as we get older.

Paula Grimm

Apex fixed my back pain. I couldn’t be happier. In addition to having more energy and being able to do more, pain is no longer part of my day.

Tammy Dalton

Apex has done wonders for my body especially getting rid of my aches and pains.

Mike Grimm

Apex helped get rid of chronic lower back pain and took my golf game to the next level. Very happy.


Kathrine Milam

By body has never felt better with Apex. My aches and pains I thought I would have forever are gone.

Bill Whemer

Apex helped get rid of my chronic back pain and drastically increased my mobility. I’m also now playing some of the best golf of my life.

Joycelyn Gumbos

Apex helped with my shoulder and neck pain and got me back on the tennis court. Very happy with my Apex experience.

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